“The Village”  Lakeside Leisure Village



Hello once again to all residents of Lakeside with a few new residents moving into our community, I hope this newsletter helps you to find your way around all of the activities and social event’s that the different residents groups organise.                                                                                       Cheers Leanna


Information from the Office

COMPOUND AND STORAGE AREA:  To all residents who have any items eg:   caravan, boat, trailer, or vehicle, stored in the compound, 10th Avenue or any other area’s around the Village could you please come down to the office with current registration papers, showing proof of ownership, description of item and location it is stored/parked.

Your vehicle must be parked on your own site in your driveway and not on 10th Avenue.

The compound area is filling up fast and as advised with residents there has been no     storage fee so far, but eventually there will be.  The area is available for residents to store items eg: caravan, boat etc, not for the storage of items for your relatives or friends if    anyone has any such items could they please remove them.

AQUA AEROBICS:  The Tuesday morning class of aqua aerobics being organised by Rhonda has been a major success and lots of music, fun and laughter is had by all residents who attend, thank you Rhonda for your enthusiasm.  Tuesday 11am, bring a   noodle and a water bottle.  All are welcome to join in.


SWIMMING POOL USAGE:  The tub of noodles that have been supplied where donated to the Village by the Lake Munmorah Fishing Club as they had spare ones.  So thank you to the local fishing club and Di for organising them to be given to us.




When taking children to the pool area to have a swim you the resident are responsible for their behaviour.  Keep in mind the pool is there for the relaxation of all residents and is not provided for rowdy play.  So wild jumping, bombing and summersaults are not     allowed.

Also consider the close location of residential houses around the pool as noise travels and can be heard.  Noise to a minimum (no yelling).

It is common sense that there is NO RUNNING around the swimming pool young or old.


METRO CINEMA at LAKEHAVEN : Seniors discount cards for the new cinema are on the giveaway table in the Library, in the Community Hall.

These cards offer Seniors tickets for $8.00 and popcorn with a drink for $5.00.  Please take one if you think you may enjoy   going to the movies at THE NEW COMPLEX IN LAKEHAVEN. They will soon have the ability to book on line for those who wish to use this service. We are in touch with the Management of the cinema to arrange a constant update of programme information and a steady supply of new cards. Check the library for current movie news.


On behalf of Judy Bell,

Thank you to everyone for all of your kind wishes on the passing of My Husband Les.  For all who donated, help and cooked the food and made the reception a  wonderful celebration of his life.

Your wishes and help has been very much appreciated.




Not much to report it’s been a quiet month for the fish…  The next comp for Munmorah United Fishing Club will beheld on 13/14/15th March and the weigh in will commence at 3.00pm on Sunday 15th March at Colongra Bay Hall, Lake Munmorah.

Everyone is welcome to come along to our weigh in..  Close sources tell me that the squid are running rampant in Lake Macquarie, and there are Bream in abundance in both Lake Munmorah and off our beaches.

Happy fishing and good luck to everyone who wets a line on our comp weekend, and any other day as well..



Library News.  It is with great sadness that we say  goodbye to one of our founding members and the hardest working of our team. Marlene has been the backbone of the Library Group and kept us all interested, working hard and always on our toes. As she is moving on to the beautiful Sapphire Coast to be closer to her family, we can only wish her well, and envy the new village where she has already committed to “do over” their little library. We will miss “What’s New on the shelves” unless another of our group decides to step into her very large shoes and take over this section. Goodbye Marlene and Barrie and good luck in this next chapter of your great “BOOK OF LIFE”.

We have welcomed several new members during the year and have now swelled our number to over 15 people who meet on the first Monday of each month to discuss what they are reading, talk about popular       authors and join in a lovely afternoon of a cuppa, chat and friendship. New members are always made very welcome……..but there IS a catch……..

We also work hard to keep the Library in good order. We process new donations, sort and weed old volumes, re-shelve the returns, and      generally keep the shelves as tidy and usable as possible. We have working bees on an irregular basis to get books ready for shelving and we always need lots of hand on deck to do stamp, dot and catalogue every title before it is shelved in its correct place.

Jean looks after the DVD s, which started off as a very small collection of about 20 discs, after the videos went to Cinema Heaven. Natalie    cares for the jigsaws and games, Maryse the Thrillers, Pam (and        formerly Marlene) are the Biography and non-fiction experts, so the rest of us muddle around in the General, Romance. Horror and Sci-Fi trying to keep them in order.

If you are interested in joining us, or offering assistance in any          particular section, please get in touch with one of the contacts below.

We have worked hard at raising the profile of the Community Hall by holding various functions there, and yes, there will be a Fashion Show again, in September……we are contemplating another Art and Craft Show after the success of the one held last year…and we will again do Australia’s Biggest Morning tea in May and a Soup and Damper day with Auction in July…a good winter warmer. Keep your eye on the notice boards for dates and final details.